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SeñorHulk SeñorHulk

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Yah It would be better if you are sober when you are drawing

Kinsei responds:

would it have been better if I had been drinking Tequila?

Streak The Hawk Streak The Hawk

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Reveiw of hawk

There are only a couple of improvements that would benefit this drawing. First the head of the Hawk is very important to this drawing because it is the focal point of this drawing, so it is very important to get the head right. As it stands now, it would look better if the hawk was looking directly at the viewer. This would create a better emotional response from the viewer. In doing this the wings would also have to be repositioned to compensate. Next is the body of the hawk this is also a critical point because the viewer will first see the head due to the contrast around the hawkâEUTMs eye. Then continue down from the hawkâEUTMs head and long its spine then suddenly stops where the wings meet. This is not something you what to happen is a pic because it causes the viewer to be momentary confused. I know that this is a prelim sketch so at this point itâEUTMs not terribly important but something to think about if you plan on presuming further in creating a finished Drawing.

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